Teaming Relationships

What are teaming relationships? FutureLaw assesses the needs of a client in a particular matter and puts together the best team to service those needs. The FutureLaw teaming partner may be another lawyer or law firm, a consulting, lobbying or marketing firm, or some other provider of services. This multi-disciplinary approach better achieves client goals.

The FutureLaw teaming relationship is unique in that it exists only to service that one client in that one matter or business transaction. FutureLaw, unless the client requests otherwise, acts as the direct client contact to ensure the services delivered will meet the price, quality and time expectations of the client.

FutureLaw co-counsels with law firms looking for outside entrepreneurial approaches for their clients. FutureLaw provides your clients with a creative and thoughtful strategy to accomplish your business objectives. By working as co-counsel with your lawyers, FutureLaw becomes a seamless part of your client team. Law firms refer matters to FutureLaw when conflicts arise and they do so with the knowledge the clients will be well-represented and that the clients will be returned after the engagement is completed.

Contact FutureLaw to explore how a teaming relationship could work with your company or firm.