Commercial Real Estate, Construction and Zoning

This is the forte of the FutureLaw team. Real estate touches every aspect of what we do.
Our Real Estate Team brings to the table decades of successful practice in land use and real estate matters for commercial real estate and development clients. We understand the finer points of zoning issues, real estate acquisition, development and construction, multi-million dollar transactions and the art of negotiation. From purchases or commercial leases for a single location to portfolios, we have handled different aspects of thousands of real estate transactions.

The attorneys at FutureLaw understand economic development. Roger Bowers currently serves on a local economic development board and takes a practical bottomline approach to getting things done. We also have worked with a number of businesses to take advantage of privatization as government has looked for ways to build infrastructure through “public-private partnerships”.

FutureLaw can add value when your business is considering expansion, renovation or new construction. With legal assistance that starts early in your design or expansion planning, we help clients contract from a position of strength, retaining control of the process and reaping the benefits of bringing market forces to bear for your development project.

With more than 15 years of experience working with design professionals, construction management consultants and contractors, we know what to expect and how to clarify the process through contract advice and negotiation. We blend our legal experience with a business person’s perspective, always mindful of the overall project cost and the cost of representation. We can help you get where you want to go, when you want to get there.

Members of our Commercial Real Estate Team include Barrie Bowers, Roger Bowers, Cindy Gantnier, and Ann Mink. Roger Bowers coordinates the Commercial Real Estate Team.

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