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FutureLaw II, LLC
5516 Falmouth Street, Suite 200
Richmond, Virginia 23230
804-225-5506 (Main Number)
804-726-2412 (Main Fax)
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Our Attorneys

Barrie B. Bowers
804-726-2402 (Direct Dial)
804-726-2412 (Direct Fax)
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Roger G. Bowers
804-726-2400 (Direct Dial)
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Cindy L. Gantnier
804-225-0480 (Direct Dial)
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Our Consultants

Ann H. Mink
804-440-1655 (Direct Dial)
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Eileen Grlica
804-726-2406 (Direct Dial)
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Legal Assistant

Colleen Rielly
804-726-2408 (Direct Dial)
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